Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh. And I said in late July that the city council voted down the UEP (Utility Expansion Project). Well, they are going hold a vote AGAIN. I believe that they said this will be the eighth vote on it! We can't believe anything they say. They vote against it, and someone will feel guilty for the southern residents who will have increased water bills and ask for another vote. Then they vote to move it through, and someone feels guilty that people will lose their homes when they can't afford the assessment. It's a never-ending see-saw of emotion, and they are really ticking me off. One thing I can't stand is vacillation. Make a decision and stand firm! Have a backbone! People count on your word! Stick with it, so we can know what to expect!

I believe that the new vote will now be August 31st. If it goes through, then we will have a couple of months to come up with thousands of dollars for the assessment. I believe mine is $4800 due in October. I'm short a couple thousand. I thought that I had a few years yet to come up with the money (that's what they indicated before I bought the house in October), but found out a month or two ago that if the project goes through prematurely, the money is due in October 2009.

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